DR:UM 18/10/2017 - Boldness

by Sarah Rickard

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I’m going to be honest with you: the topic tonight feels quite ironic to me, even though I chose it. I went back and forth in my mind a lot when considering what I would talk about tonight. The subjects I was considering earlier on sounded fun and interesting, and I was looking forward to doing the research. But after a couple weeks, I got the feeling that it was not the right topic for me to address. I wrestled with what I should speak about instead, wracking my mind for the right thing. And I kept coming back to this. 
It’s ironic, because I don’t see myself as a bold person. I am definitely not bold when it comes to public speaking. There are times I can argue a point with confidence, but it’s because I have studied it in depth and feel like I have mastery on the subject (or at least on a small piece of trivia). But I have not mastered speaking in public, nor have I mastered bold…

DR:UM 15/11/2017 - Difference and Division

By Skye Young
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You and I are very different
Even if you are a tall, white, Christian, American woman. Even if you also grew up in a family of four with an older sister who is just two centimeters taller. Even if you love art and dogs and coffee, we are still inevitably different.
 Our differences come from genetics, from our heritage, culture and family upbringing; our relationships with our relatives and friends, our religions, churches and our walk with the Lord, our education and our economic class. We are different because of our past experiences, both good and bad. We have different careers, talents, and passions.  Our lives have shaped us. What is considered normal for you may be completely foreign to me, and visa versa. Here's a tiny example, I ate pop tarts nearly every morning for breakfast up until university. I assumed that most people had sugary, on-the-go breakfast before school. However, …

Mental Health and Faith Night, Part 2: Testimonies and Becky's talk on Jesus, Emotion and Mental Health, and the Q&A Panel Answers

A short disclaimer on the mental health evening--  The mental health and faith fellowship night was not live-streamed due to the sensitive nature of the topics discussed.  However, with permission, we have recorded some of the testimonies and the main talks of the evening to use as an online resource for those not present.  Martin's talk can be found in the previous post. Additionally, this evening covered primarily anxiety and depression, though, we would like to make abundantly clear that these are just a small portion of the greater conversation in mental health and illness.  We are hoping that this a stepping stone to start de-stigmatizing these topics within the church and creating an environment that provides mental, emotional, and spiritual help.  TestimoniesWe shared five testimonies during the mental health night. These testimonies have a range of sensitive topics regarding depression and anxiety. Two are available below.

Our first testimony was from Kristina Cavanaugh, w…

Mental Health and Faith Night, Part 1: Recognizing Depression/Anxiety & Accessing Health Care

This past Wednesday, we had our Mental Health and Faith evening, where we heard first from our mental health professional Martin van Brackel--self proclaimed living fossil of Damascus Road, having joined while it was still meeting in Kent's living room.  He has an international background with missionary parents, followed in his father's footsteps with medicine and has since heard an unexpected call to psychiatry.  Martin currently works in emergency psychiatry at Mondriaan Institute for Mental Health, which he enjoys very much. Here are notes from his talk: